Sharing The SamePlate

I have a confession to make.

Yes, GiGi did say that!

And no it’s not that I was one of the fembots in Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me. (Uh…. How old was I in 1999!)

GiGi Dubois as a FemBot in Austin powers

Photoshop is so much easier than getting a boob job!

It’s that I… Hate. Abhor. Detest. Loathe. Despise…


Spaghetti Squash in GiGi's Mouth


Don’t you dare try and take food off my plate, unless you want your arm severed off with my knife.

Don’t bother even…

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Poppin’ Tarts In The Kitchen

Poppin’ Tarts In The Kitchen

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


Tia and Tamera Mowry


GiGi Dubois Stephanie Taylor


You know what? My identical twin Stephanie and I are a little irked that we did not book the role of Michelle on Full House or the roles Tia and Tamera scored on Sister, Sister!

Alas, we have since toilet papered the casting director’s houses gotten over it and now make YouTube videos… Did you know Stephanie fills in for me when I am not feeling quite up to make a video?

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Cool as a Cucumber

Cool as a Cucumber

What did the cucumber say to the pesto, bell pepper and avocado?

Hang out with me because I’m not a pest, peppery or the pits. I’m just cool.

Cartoon Pickle

Uhhh….. That was probably the worst “joke” on the face of the planet.

Good thing I am not a stand up comedian… Oh wait

Hallmark would never hire me to write their clever greeting cards…

Hallmark Not Approved

The “joke” above also probably makes no sensebecause I haven’t even…

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This is an Emergen-C!

This is an Emergen-C!

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Emergen-C®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Emergen-C as a product or its effectiveness.


There are a lot of events in our lives that can be categorized as “emergencies”…

  • Trying to pass up “meteor rocks” as hamburgers at your summer BBQ…

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Traversing Los Angeles with Stacy! #ChevyFitTrip

Traversing Los Angeles with Stacy! #ChevyFitTrip

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Chevy.

The band Fountains of Wayne made us believe that Stacy’s mom “has got it going on”… However, I beg to differ.

I believe Stacy herself has GOT IT GOING ON!

But wait, who’s Stacy?

Well she’s the Chevy Traverse I got to cruise around all of Los Angeles in for my #ChevyFitTrip!

GiGi Excited in Chevy TraverseWolfieis currently on a spa vacation, so it’s all…

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Have Some Balls on Your Birthday!

Have Some Balls on Your Birthday!

There seems to be an immature joke running through the BLOGGY-WORLD… All about: BALLS!* (AhemLindsayLaura…)

*Do you notice the color of the word balls… 

And THIS is how I act when there are balls in my food hole

GiGi Dubois love balls

You would think men flock to me because of my adoration… However they actually flee because as you can see, I BITE. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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The Three Amigos Are A Delicious Meal

The Three Amigos Are A Delicious Meal

Bragging isn’t something we should be proud of doing, however, we all totally do it.


Bragging on Facebook

That being said, if you’re bragging for inspirational purposes, that’s a whole OTHER story!

Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book actually encourages fans to brag! #BragYourPlate is a hashtag campaign where fans of the book post scrumptious food photos that embody the message The Body Bookpromotes: eating whole,…

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Clamming Around With My Dad

Clamming Around With My Dad

I don’t visit home very often, but when I do, my nostrils are ALWAYS greeted by the most delightfully tempting and down right scrumptious aromas… The SECOND I set foot in the house.

GiGi Dubois Smelling

It takes every fiber of my being not to morph into my alter ego, a hyena, and DESTROY whatever is roasting in the grassland… I mean, kitchen.

angry hyena

There is one dishin particular that causes me to ferociously tear through…

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Tote-ally Fashionable For The Summer

Tote-ally Fashionable For The Summer

Do you have a lot of baggage?

Eva Longoria with Suitcases

Ha! I bet you thought I was talking about…


This kind of baggage…

Regardless of the type of baggage I am referencing, having a lot of it can be really OBNOXIOUS!!!!!!!

Vine Street Market USA Bag Commercial Do you see the **** staring at me! Thanks for the HELP ****nugget!

Well guess what? Because I don’t want you to throw the watermelon you just purchased at someone… Out of frustration that your un-tru…

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The Ryan Jolie Smoothie

The Ryan Jolie Smoothie


Ryan Gosling as a cake

Or… Strawberries…

Angelina Jolie Eating StrawberriesAHHHH! This decision is harder than deciphering:

Hard Math EquationIt certainly doesn’t have to be though, and that’s where Vega Sport’s #FUELYOURBETTER campaign comes into play!

Vega Sport FuelYourBetter Campaign

This movement is all about selecting the healthiest and TASTIEST foods to fuel the best you… So while Ryan Gosling looks oh so moist and creamy…. Angie’s succulence is certainly the better option.

GiGi flexes her guns!

What if I told…

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